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ellumi™ LED Germ Killing Bacteria Under Cabinet Lighting

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How ellumi™ Works

University researchers have proven that specific wavelengths of light actually inhibit bacteria reproduction and destroy cells.

This is effective on Strep, Staph/MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and 18 other bacteria.

The light excites certain molecules in harmful microorganisms through photo-activation.

These molecules produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), causing cell wall damage and death over time.

In The News

Vital Vio makes headlines

We know that bacteria can change to become resistant to antibiotics. Enter special light fixtures that can actually kill bacteria that causes illness.

An RPI grad got interested in this after her grandmother became sick from a bacterial infection she acquired while in the hospital....

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Infectious Diseases Society of America

Standard housekeeping methods are inadequate at removing microbial contamination from the modern day healthcare environment. Healthcare systems have started implementing an array of advanced disinfection technologies to assist with surface disinfection. Most of these technologies require the room to be sealed, making them impractical for some applications. This study evaluates a passive light-emitting diode (LED) disinfection system in an environment that cannot be closed, a level II trauma room....

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Shining a Light on Food Safety

What do you do when your award winning food trucks are sidelined after an E.coli outbreak?  The Boston-based Chicken & Rice Guys decided to shine a light on food safety – literally – adding antibacterial lights that actually kill germs while illuminating the workspace...

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